Support the HCTC

The HCTC needs help providing opportunities to present exhibitions, creating educational programs, and preserving the historical objects entrusted to its care. Individuals and organizations can make a major impact with a financial contribution. Financial donations go directly to providing resources and equipment for the Collection such as archival storage boxes, acid-free paper, metal-shelving units, display cases, and major renovations to collection storage.


A trendsetter is someone who leads the way in fashion.

How can you become a Trendsetter?

Trendsetters help organize events and fundraising for the HCTC. Anyone is welcome to join the Trendsetters. Membership funds go towards funding exhibitions, public events, and catalogs. Your name or organization's name will be listed on any publications and exhibition displays during your membership years.

Membership (1-year):

  • Fashionista: $30
  • Fashion Plate: $50
  • Muse: $100
  • Creator: $500
  • Icon: $1000+


You can preserve history and tell the stories of peoples of the past. Set up an endowment to fund a Research Assistant to help manage the collection.

Contact Charles Freeman to learn how to make a financial contribution to the HCTC.

(622) 325-1293